Excalibur artillery shells are known to be the best shells on the consumer fireworks market. With loud breaks and vivid colors, these maximum-load canister shells are a sure crowd pleaser! Excalibur shells are packed 24 per box.
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  One Bad Mother
16 shot – Alternating Gold Willow,
Multple Blooming Crackling Flowers, Gold Willow with Quickened Final of 4 Shots. Old Time favorite!
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  United We Stand
United We Stand is loaded with shells that give you two distinct breaks in the sky at the same time. You will want to salute the spectacular new triple break, an industry breakthrough that paints the night with three patterns at one time. Another favorite for a Grand Finale!
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The mortar in this kit is a heavy PLASTIC mortar with a thick solid plastic base, somewhat like professional displays are fired with. There are many different effects in this pack and they are incredible. Goliath contains 12 single break round shells, 12 single break cylinder shells, 6 two-break round shells and 6 three-break round shells. They are an absolute delight to fire!
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Loyal to None
This 500 gram cake has 33 total mulitple colored bursts including 3 larger bursts for a finale. A great cake to add to your display. Fantastic show!
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  Super Magnum Artillery Shells
Box of 12 oustanding shells with assorted effects. All shells have tails.
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The greatest of New multi-break shells.Trilogy sports eighteen triple break canister shells and has the new HDPE tube. Tremendous height. Trilogy puts on a show in itself.
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